OEM Used Headlights, Taillights, Alternators, Starters, Speedometers, ETC

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Who Are We?

Family owned, so you're always getting a family discount when you shop with Flow Wheel & Tire. We offer genuine parts, saved from end-of-life vehicles that have simply outlived the vehicle it was originally attached to. We understand the importance of eco- friendly practices as well as wallet friendly :) This is why we promise to offer competitive and affordable prices, so EVERYONE has access to replacement parts, NEW or USED.


  • Promotes/Partakes in Sustainability
  • Availability with Discontinued Parts
  • Extends Material Lifespan
  • Customer Cost Savings
  • Supports Small Businesses Dealing In Automotive Parts Industries
  • Embraces Recycling BEYOND Disposal, but also through CONSUMPTION

We could go on & on when listing the benefits and outcomes that is driven by purchasing USED vs. NEW parts. Starting with environmental benefits all the way down to keeping some extra $$$ in YOUR pocket.

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